Nutritional Care

Have I mentioned I love to cook? This section of the blog will focus on delicious and unique recipes and nutrition information! My diet consists of a whole foods plant-based diet. Actually, this is a new chapter for me. So I have been learning to cook in a new fun way.

Here’s a little background about my motivations
to start this part of the journey.

I was a vegetarian for a short time after attending a pig roast as a young child. I was so disgusted at what I saw. However, I eventually started eating meat again. However, I was never a big meat eater and have always loved my veggies. Even as a kid I’d order a side salad instead of french fries!

Last April, I decided to stop eating meat and fish. I took a trip to an ASL immersion weekend with a vegetarian friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. I was talking about my homemade chemical free beauty products and she was telling me all about her own decisions behind adopting a plant-based diet. I was aware of the animal situation, I watched Food Inc years back but you know the out of site out of mind saying, that’s how I felt. We talked for hours as we drove and that’s that… I decided to start making more life changes. It was easy for me because I did not eat a lot of meat before becoming a vegetarian again.

Two months later, after more documentaries and books, I decided to give up all animal products. I’m not perfect, I have occasionally forgot to read ingredients and later realized there was whey in something or later realized a restaurant cooked my veggies in butter and didn’t want to send them back… but the journey has begun.  

There’s one more important aspect to my decision to change my ways. I have always suffered from stomach and gastrointestinal discomfort but just complained and suffered through it. Anyone who knows me, knows of my sensitive stomach and statement of “My stomach hurts” all too well! It started very young and seemed to get worse as I got older. Some of you may know the sick cycle of eat food, take gas medicine, take laxative, take constipation medicine, take tums… rest, repeat!  Well I was fed up with it and scared about all the medicine I was shoving into my body to feel better. After all these years of suffering I finally said to myself somethings gotta give, get with the program, and FEEL BETTER!

I am happy to say that not only has my weight dropped and I feel healthier but I have not taken any medicine in eight weeks! One night my mom said, “I haven’t heard you complaining of a stomach ache for a while now.” That was because the pain was gone. I can not believe it took me so many years to get with the program and make my body more of a priority over food!

With all this being said, I am Italian, I love food, I love cooking, and I love to eat! I do not feel like I am deprived of anything and would not give up how I look and feel about myself on the inside and out just to eat some cheese and meat! The first two months of not eating meat and fish I dropped about 5lbs and my body was feeling a little better on the inside. However, it’s been about one month since not consuming animal products as a whole and I have lost an additional 4 lbs and 2% body fat! I am pain free and the compliments and questions are rolling in!!!  

It might not be easy and everyone has their own reasons for their life decisions but, whatever the reason, if you feel this is a journey you should try, there are so many resources out there to help you along the way!



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