Beauty Care

Simple. Healthy. Cost Saving. Natural. Can it get any better? 

this describes all my homemade beauty care products 

hand soap

body wash

body scrub

face wash

make-up remover

lip balm




hair conditioners

hair deep conditioning treatments

scalp treatments

face cream

body cream


acne treatment

wrinkle serum

skin irritation/inflammation/eczema treatments

shaving oil

 bath salts

“bath bag” YOU’LL LOVE THIS PRODUCT… description and pictures coming soon.

Now, what if I told you I can do all this with just a handful of ingredients!
That’s right use my system and the possibilities are endless!  

It’s going to take some time to get everything out so if there is something you’re looking for don’t hesitate to comment and I’ll get a recipe or home remedy posted for you. 

I challenge you to take a few of your everyday beauty care products and do some quick research on the ingredients- make-up, toothpaste, mouthwash, soaps, shampoos, lotion, your child’s products or bubble bath. You might be surprised at the amount of unhealthy, actually dangerous, stuff inside! The worst part is most of it is what I call “unnecessary filler”. There are natural simple ways to take care and beautify ourselves! Get rid of the chemicals and your body and pocketbook will thank you.

Woman use dozens of different products all over their bodies everyday. They use soaps, lotions, hair products, make-up, wrinkle cream, body spray, nail polish, shaving creams, and toothpaste just to name a few! The FDA says (name of one of thousands of chemicals) is safe if used or concentrated at  (_ )%. WHAT IF THAT ONE CHEMICAL IS IN EVERY PRODUCT YOU USE EVERYDAY? Now take that same scenario times 10 because there are so many of the same nasty chemicals in every product. This is a problem.  

When you have some time, please do a little research. I will be posting facts as well as natural simple substitutes for your everyday needs as I have time to develop this blog but in the meantime this is just food for thought.

  • “Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox” Sara Lamm DOCUMENTARY
  • “Dumont’s Lexicon of Herbs” Andrea Rausch and Bridgette Lotz, Growing*Cuisine*Cosmetics*Health Effects
  • “Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle Health System” Paul and Patricia Bragg
  • “The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils” Julia Lawless
  • “The Natural Beauty & Bath Book” Casey Keller
  • “Making Natural Cosmetics- Beauty the way nature intended” Margaret Briggs, A guide to natural ingredients and their properties
  • “No More Dirty Looks” Siobham O’Conner and Alexandra Spunt, The Truth about your Beauty Products and ultimate guide to safe and clean cosmetics
  • “Toxic Beauty” Dawn Mellowship. How hidden chemicals in cosmetics harm you
  • “A year with James Wong, Grow Your Own Drugs”

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