I’ve been working hard… and will be making a come back soon!

Well looks like I jumped ship! I left my career of interpreting and returned full time to food service! I have a new job and am taking new classes. I recently bought my first house and am just getting settled. I have so many things to be thankful for this holiday season. Most importantly I’m ready for life to settle down a bit and I can’t wait to get back to blogging! I have been hard at work this past year and am excited to share it.
THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE… Yogurt Water Kefir Round 1 TCM yin soup sweet potato chips00 sweet potato chips000 sprouts2 Superfood Frozen Yogurt superfood granola bars2 superfood granola bars4 Sweet Potato Cake Sprouted Hummus Sundried Tomato Socca Flatbread seaweed salad20 seaweed salad1 Schisandra Five-Flavor Tea Quinoa Salad w avocado dressing Rasp Vinaigrette1 Raw fruit sorbet Rejuvelac Restful SleepTincture Plum Carpaccio Herb Granita4 Plum Carpaccio Herb Granita2 Plum Carpaccio Herb Granita pitta ceviche mushroom ceviche1 Kimpira1 Kombucha Kulfi Ice Cream Mung Dal Soup Pitta mushroom ceviche Kimpira Kimchi2 Kimchi hydration_goji berry tonic_el caliente_cure all Horchata Hot Hazelnut Butter5 Hazelnut Chocolate Tart Hazelnut Chocolate Tart1 Horchata Chia Pudding Horchata Cold Gypsy Chai Latte Smoothie Gluten Free Focaccia Gluten Free Bread Ginger Bug Fruit Sushi1 dulse crouton9 energy truffles Fire Cider Fruit Kvass Fruit KvassStrained dulse crouton7 Digestive Brew dark choc bark3 CYO Food Combining Smoothie Cold Care Tincture Cheese Step 2 Chipolte Carrot Salad Coconut Butter Coconut-Curry-Carrot- Salad2 Coconut-Curry-Carrot- Salad3 Cheese Step 1 cheese6 Cheese3 cheese Chapatis & Chutneys Beet Orange Sorbet1 Big red juice1 blood type smoothie_A Blueberry Cacao Pre-Workout Cereal3 Carrot Mango Curry Soup Beet Orange Sorbet BBQ Sauerkraut Banana Split Ice Cream Trio Avocado Date Brownies Arugula Salad almond fennel crackers2 Almond Milk Apple Millet Kanten3 Apple Pave


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