It’s been a while but my inspiration has not been lost!

I am making a commitment to get back into the swing of things and ensure blogging and posting is taking place. Please check out my twitter and facebook pages because I sometimes post quick blurbs and pictures there!
I feel like I keep dropping the ball, for instance the weekly chemical and nutrition fact! You should see how many “draft posts” I have. It’s going to take time for me to continue to find a balance between work, kids, returning to school, and my recent found love of blogging, research, cooking, creating and sharing. Soon enough I will back to studying food, nutrition, chemicals, the planet and I’ll have even more exciting news and information to share with the world. 
Thank you to everyone that has stuck by my side and believed in me. This really is a passion of mine. My current career, sign language interpreting, is wonderful but I am still wanting to study nutrition and cooking because I am inspired, want to learn more, gain credibility and hopefully one day change lives. 
Since my time is still limited while I find balance… any preferences about posts?
Happy Wednesday!


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