Natural, NO chemicals, Awesome MAKEUP REMOVER!

It is late at night and you are already home but forgot you were low or out of eye makeup remover. What do you do?
Go to your kitchen and grab just a pea size amount of olive oil.


Okay ladies, you are going to think I’m crazy but here is the starter secret to DO IT YOURSELF natural beauty care… OILS OILS OILS!

You might not believe me, you might think it will not work for you but I’m here to reassure you that I am not alone and oils like olive, coconut, jojoba, grapeseed, safflower oil, sweet almond are amazing products that your hair and skin will thank you for using! My hair, skin and nails have not been this healthy for a long time.

So if you are concerned start small and here is a great way to do it, eye makeup remover. 

Look at the back of your current makeup remover and if you are not sure about an ingredient in it, which you probably will not recognize or know most of them, look it up and see what it really is!

Try this recipe, even if you do not use makeup remover try this and see how easy and good it works. It also leaves your skin feeling clean and hydrated without the “sqeaky chemical clean” that most commercial cleansers leave behind.


A pea size amount will take your makeup right off!  Keep in a small bottle in your bathroom and you are good to go. Oils are best kept in glass bottles but sometimes, especially when I’m traveling, I use plastic. 

rub it on your eyes
add some water then massage
I do my whole face as a cleanser but that’ll be another post 🙂
then take a little face cleanser and lightly wash off
I don’t completely wash the oil off, it makes my face feel sooo good



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